PHOTOS: Bark & Co’s New York City office is a dog lover’s dream

BarkBox17Emmie Martin/Business Insider

At Bark & Co, it’s all about the dogs. 


Founded in 2012 by Carly Strife, Matt Meeker, and Henrik Werdelin, Bark & Co takes aim at the dog parent niche, building all-natural toys, producing dog-centric content, and planning events that, yes, you should bring your dog to. The ultimate goal? To become the “Disney for dogs.” 


Known for its flagship brand BarkBox, a subscription service that caters to dogs and their owners, Bark & Co now oversees three additional brands – ecommerce site BarkShop, media outlet BarkPost, and dog-friendly event service BarkLive  – and has surpassed a $100 million revenue run rate. 


The company secured $60 million in funding in May, adding to the $17 million raised previously, and expects to double its year-over-year revenue in 2016. 


Business Insider recently toured the company’s New York City headquarters to see how Bark & Co lives its brand, from massive piles of dog toys to sneaky canine treats to a regular rotation of furry coworkers. Check out what a day in the Bark & Co life is like below.

Welcome to Bark & Co’s headquarters in New York City’s Chinatown, home to 102 of the company’s 160 employees and their pups. The dog-centric brand fills two floors of the building with an open office layout that features rows of clean white desks, two kitchens, doggie play areas, and a secret room.


Emmie Martin/Business Insider


Noodle, a laid-back pug, and his owner, Jonathan Graziano, one of Bark & Co’s Facebook Live hosts, served as two of our tour guides for the day. “I like some of my dog coworkers more than my human coworkers,” Graziano joked.


Emmie Martin/BusinessInsider


Follow Noodle on Instagram @showmenoodz


Banjo, another office regular, joined our tour. Though dogs roam around the office all day, employees abide by set “off-leash” hours and keep their pooches in sight the rest of the time to prevent the office from becoming a free-for-all.


Emmie Martin/Business Insider


Follow Banjo on Instagram @garlandharwood


See the rest of the story at Business Insider




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