Ask HN: How do you deal with context switches?

I searched previous hackernews threads on this, and found a few suggestions I thought looked good:


(1). Pair programming. (I am the sole tech cofounder and don’t have another guy to work with yet…)

(2). Just saying “NO” till you are done on present task. (Being the cofounder, have to share responsibilities to deal with a bunch of other shit to get money, do legal stuff etc… so can’t always just say “NO” for another few months till org grows large & can hire someone to get this done)

(3). Allocate blocks of time on calendar.


I am solely developing the web app (usual front-end shit), backend rest api and the android app (android dev build waiting is the worst IMHO) and need to keep switching between these as well through these “blocks” of times I do get alone. I noticed these dev environment switch also slow me down a little even in these “blocks of time”. Eventually the product milestones are quite screwed and I am massively depressed and low on confidence.

Really looking for any suggestions that worked for you if any of you have dealt with these things earlier?

(Context if needed/relevant: 29 yr old single guy, not high on energy anymore, no social life distractions either)


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