GoPro set to unveil quadcopter Karma drone for action camera fans

GoPro Karma shot this image.

After a lot of pre-hype, action camera maker GoPro is expected to unveil its new Karma drone for sports video enthusiasts on Monday morning.

The event starts at 9 am Pacific time at the Squaw Valley resort near Lake Tahoe, in California. The company has a timer going on its web site, ticking down to the launch time when CEO Nick Woodman is expected to take the stage.

The quadcopter drone goes on sale later this year, and the company hopes that it will boost GoPro’s stock price, which isn’t what it used to be. The new product takes the company from one sector – action cameras – to the fast-growing drone market.

There’s plenty of other competition in the drone market, but GoPro is hoping that the fans of its Hero action camera will trust its product more than rival drones such as those made by DJI and Parrot.

GoPro has been teasing the Karma launch with videos like the ones below.

Karma video.

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