AMA with Christopher Peters, Data Scientist at Zapier

Chris aka @statwonk is a full-stack data scientist at Zapier where he’s written and helped install several statistics and machine learning-driven algorithms used in production. During that time, he also wrote a handful of proprietary and public R libraries. Prior to Zapier, Chris was Treehouse’s first data scientist. In 2013, he earned an M.S. in Applied Statistics at Louisiana State University. During school, he learned about clinical-quality experimental design while applying the tools at work.

He’s used survival analysis tools to study churn and the length of time it takes to set up a Zap among similar problems,

Do Apps That Integrate With Zapier Have Lower Churn? 

Zap setup times by trigger type

Aside from survival analysis, he specializes in experimental design reliability statistics, software engineering, visualization, data architectures including instrumentation and data pipelines. During the data engineering process, he most uses the tools R, Python, Apache Airflow, and Redshift.

He’s a huge supporter of the free software movement and thanks that he gets to work in an unparalleled time of sharing.

He will be live March 28 starting at 930 AM PT for one and a half hours during which time he will answer as many questions as possible.


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