Here’s everyone on Arya Stark’s kill list and why

Arya Stark Game of ThronesHBO

Ayra Stark has transformed a lot over the course of six seasons of “Game of Thrones.” At the beginning of the HBO series, she’s a spunky high-born girl who wants to learn how to fight with a sword instead of learning how to make a dress. Early in the show, Arya begins a list of the people she wants to kill that she repeats to herelf every night.

So we’ve known for a while that Arya would become a full-blown assassin one day, and now we’re here.

She’s already offed some people on her list, and some have been offed for her (something she’s not very enthusiastic about). But now, as we enter season seven (premiering July 16), she’s back in Westeros, reminding enemies of the Stark name who she is while she slowly kills them. Who will be next?

Here’s everyone on Arya’s kill list, who’s left, and why:

Cersei Lannister


Why: She falsely accused Arya’s father, Ned Stark, of treason and had him arrested, which led to his execution.

Status: Alive, and sitting on the Iron Throne. And probably drinking lots of wine, which makes her an easy target. 

Ilyn Payne


Why: For executing Ned Stark on Joffrey’s orders. 

Status: Alive. We haven’t seen him in a long time. He’s not as important as some others on the list who are still walking around Westeros with beating hearts. 




Why: For taking Gendry away from the Brotherhood Without Banners. 

Status: Alive and really, really old, and exiled from Winterfell by Jon Snow. She’s headed south, and the last time we saw Arya, she was in the Riverlands. So it’s pretty likely that they’ll cross paths. Maybe Arya will forgive her for bringing Jon Snow back to life. But probably not. 

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